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Tucson Fringe Festival 2020 Award Winner: BEST COMEDY "Tammy's Bachelorette" - IRTE

Asheville Fringe Arts Festival 2017 Award winner: Artist (s) Whose Work Made Me Laugh the Most "Happy Birthday, Stupid Kid!" - IRTE


Unscripted New York Improvised Theatre and Film Festival 2014 SHITFA (Supreme Honorary Improvised Theater & Film Award) for Outstanding Genre Performance THE SCARY, Improvised Stephen King

Since 1979, ArtsConnection has provided innovative arts programming to millions of students in the New York City public school system, enhancing children’s intellectual, personal and social growth, while developing award-winning educational models. IRTE is a proud partner of High 5 Tickets to the Arts, ArtsConnection's resource for young people to experience the best dance, music, theater, film, and visual arts New York City (and sometimes New Jersey and Westchester!) has to offer.

Twice Nominated for Outstanding MITF/Variety Performance at the Midtown International Theatre Festival 2017 - Happy Birthday Stupid, Kid! 2016 - Dig

“If you want to join the circus of lost soul traveling the USA backroads, you will have a ton of fun… The cast… provide a top notch performance that will have you smiling & laughing when you exit… This show [vIRTEgo Circus] is a must see…”

Kitty Bradley, craicheadkitty - Theater NYC Adventures

Wow Wee ATL review
Evie Aronson, Nannette Deasy, Tony Bozanich, Natalie Hunter, Chris O'Neill
"It’s great to see [IRTE] back. They are one of the most interesting improvisational troupes in the City. ​They can always be counted upon to provide off-the-wall concepts, performed in what one might call a Theater of the Crazy style, similar in some ways to John Vaccaro’s Theater of the Ridiculous which was broadly influential in the ’60s... As always, IRTE gives us an off-the-wall experience. ...the cast works well together, all-in-all an excellent comic ensemble with a well-honed sense of communal timing... The actors work well together, and their sense of comedy is contagious." Ewing Reviewing
The Marvelous Mrs. McCluskey review
"I’ve never seen an improv show as unique or in depth as the one presented by IRTE...I don’t need any suggestions from the audience to help me convey how good this show was. You’ve heard of Paramount Plus and Disney Plus. Well, this was Improv Plus. The entire cast has incredibly vast and impressive credits as well as tons of professional experience. The troupe was very comfortable with each other and played well off each other. Costumes, props and furniture made this feel like a full-length theatrical production which it was. It just happened to be all improvised. I applaud all improv artists who have to think up funny lines and scenarios on their feet. This troupe was up for the task....The Marvelous Mrs. Mcluskey and all the madcap characters in her world were truly marvelous." Jen Bush, Words4Music-Blog
Lonely Death, Susan Baker.jpg
"...goofy, low-budget yet highly hilarious entertainment. ... this production was yet another entertaining gem." Anthony Piccione, Outerstage
Nataie Hunter, Robert Baumgardner, Lars
"...funny and entertaining, an excellent example of this creative company’s commitment to the improvisational art. A HAPPY FACE all around.​" Ewing Reviewing
Lavendar After dark.jpg
"...truly zany...  I just hope I get invited to the wedding…​" Jed Ryan, “TAMMY’S BACHELORETTE”: Jersey Girls, Off Broadway…, Lavendar After Dark
"BEST. PARTY. EVER" Rebecca Benedict, Outer-Stage
"... IRTE manages to strike a balance between both well-written comedic structure and pure improv, while also using both audience engagement and a creative assortment of props and makeup to stay on a low indie budget and still be uniquely laugh out loud funny..." Anthony Piccione,
OnStage Blog
Lee Solomon, Go to Sleep.png
"... an even more hilarious experience that you might expect. From stoned passengers to a sexually devious captain, it’s hard to imagine a more over-the-top comedic parody than this." Anthony Piccione, OnStage Blog
Hi Drama.jpg
"...raucous and a hell of a lot of fun." Jan Ewing, Hi Drama
"Pleasurable, funny, artfully crafted and fast paced... a quick and welcoming reboot to one’s personal laugh meter. I recommend all stop by far an enjoyable tune up!"
Michael D’Antoni, True Blue Noir
Goldstar Audience Review for Tammy's.jpg
"...a Sense-ational Experience will have a phenomenal time." Amy Carothers, NYC Travels.
" left me – along with the rest of the audience – laughing non-stop and wanting more..."
Anthony J. Piccione, OnStage Blog
"...charming... a lot of fun... an engaging troupe of talented actors who are clearly dedicated to exploring the improvisional art." Jan Ewing, Hi Drama
"...highly energetic, and over the top in the best possible way..." Anthony J. Piccione, OnStage Blog
"If a John Waters movie and Ex Machina had a baby, it might look like WOWEE! ADVENTURES OF A GIRL KILLBOT... If you’re missing the family sitcoms of the 80’s, but don’t want to sacrifice your standard chained-up lounge singer belting out “Mr. Roboto”, or full-grown women being reabsorbed and rebirthed, this is absolutely the show for you. This reviewer snorted with laughter." First Looks - PortFringe 2018!
"...the Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble has become one of the leading improv troupes in merry old Manhattan and a welcome and uproarious asset to festivals and other engagements across the country. The innovative group mixes retro humor, clever off-on-the-spot wit, and classic theatrical techniques to present wildly unique and wildly funny shows." Natasha Dawsen, Drama Queens, Comedy is Deasy! A moment with IRTE’s leader and comedian-in-chief
"... a very exciting–and very different–kind of improv show... If you see The Sense-ations! you’re in for a wild night... All in all The Sense-ations! is a wonderful night of theatre, comedy, and improv. Hats off to The Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble as well as the wonderful cast for creating something I loved. " Sense-ational! Conor D. Mullen, Outerstage
"The newest production from IRTE (Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble) rehashes all of the awkward, hilarious, unforgettable shenanigans that occur whenever families get together to celebrate... an unforgettably entertaining evening." 

Catherine Santino, Spoiled NYC, Laugh-Your-A$$-Off-Funny: Check Out These 2 Can’t-Miss Comedy Shows in NYC

"Magnificent... fantastic... one of the finest improv troupes today!"  Outerstage, IRTE MITF A-OK
"Impressive acting, quick thinking, on-the-spot staging, and brilliant improvisation made this one of the better presentations at the (MITF) festival." Turan Koyuncu, Drama Queens Reviews, Many Happy Returns of IRTE!
"The show (BRPII) has everything you could ever want – deceit, torrid affairs, terrible wigs – all done in a gracefully improvised and cleverly executed way. I was basically laughing from beginning to end, all the while remaining in complete awe of how seamlessly the company members worked together to pull it off." Catherine Santino, Spoiled NYC, Real Housewives Meets Film Noir? This Comedy Show Is One of NYC's Biggest Hidden Gems 
"The rich are richer, the laughter is bigger and audiences are the winners.... Guests will love to hate the snobbish socialites and the quick-witted improv team, provide side-splitting antics." Amy Carothers, NYCTravels, BRP is Back In IRTE’s Big, Rich and Powerful Production!
"...very funny... For a unique improv experience, full of laughs, sci-fi, and a bit of suspense go experience The Experiment." Larry Schneier, Now On Broadway
"Big, Rich, Powerful...and FUNNY!", 
Inola McGuire, Drama Queens
"...[IRTE] gives its all at each performance... Skillfully mastering the curveballs the audience pitched at them... You’ve pressed your luck and missed the final Avoidance! performance but the only losers are those not taking advantage of an upcoming show." Amy Carothers, NYCTravels, IRTE’s Avoidance improvs not hinders the production
"Big, Rich and Powerful was a soap-opera style comedy... that was truly worth watching... They captured the idea of the late night drama beautifully and pulled you right in with humor and ingenuity.... astonishing."

Emmy Pai, Outerstage, Big, Rich and TALENTED people

Named one of the "7 Must-See Shows" of the 2014 Boston Comedy Arts Festival by BostInno
"A completely unique improv show catered to those of us who seek the spooky!...I died of laughter... If you’re looking for a good night of fun, definitely check out iRtE!," Heather Boddy, THESPI-HONEST

iRtE Presents… “The Scary” (Improvised Stephen King)

"...a still-fresh improv group that continues to make waves in NYC and all throughout the country. ...the theme of this show (The Scary) feeds you a dose of creepiness to go with the humor. The end result is a terrifying trifecta of laughter, looneys, and even live music." Roberto Tobar, Casual Comedy News, Roberto's Casual Picks
"...their fun was infectious," Geri Silver, Theatre is Easy
"There is no doubt the IRTE crew are funny and great at what they do, which is improv. I encourage you to check them out this season for more radical and theatrical fun!" Imani Johnson, The High 5 Review, So Funny It's Scary
"Hilariously Scary NY Theatre... It's remarkable how this ensemble is able to take the random given circumstances and masterfully weave together a narrative by the end of the show... All the cast members have stage presence and you enjoy watching their creativity and spontaneity at work." Lillian Rodriguez, Film Annex, Hilariously Scary NY Theatre - IRTE Improv Madness


"Quick-wit hi-jinks... The agile ensemble set the stage brilliantly... They deftly add a lot of topical humor... and - undoubtedly thanks to their own stage training - excellent comic timing... The razor sharp IRTE is humor for the thinking man – and woman,"  Amy M. Frateo, Outerstage​

IRTE 2: A Scooby Snack that eats like a meal!

"A great show that included enough specifics to satisfy my inner-geek and also stood on its own as a delightful long-form improvisation... smart, grounded comedy," Improvisation News
That Kick Ass Time Jump Show
"A clever cacophony of topical humor, retro references, and
on-their-feet wit ... a merry chase" , Bob Greene, Outerstage,
​IRTE: More Than a HINT of Laughter   
"A lot of fun!", Dennis Holden, Dennis Has a Podcast
"If you didn't catch IRTE's Virtego Circus Thursday night, you don't know what you missed. A most unique short form show! Check it out." Tampa Improv Festival


"A hilarious spoof... I was cracking up throughout the entire show...magnificent", Susanne Pinedo, Pinedo PR


 "IRTE is a cutting edge improv group," 
Theatre has its Goddesses: Women making a difference off-off Broadway 
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