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Jay Lloyd’s Getaway - CBS Philly, KYW News Radio
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Jay Lloyd (CBS Philly, KYW News Radio) speaks to frequent GIRTE Sam Katz about how IRTE can be an inexpensive and fun option for a night out in New York City.

How life Colred a Comic
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IRTE chats with Tym Moss on Artists Exposed


Aaron Weininger talks to morning talk show duo, "Kelley and Ryan" (Nannette Deasy & Jamie Maloney), about what comforts they provide celebrities with and how they stay looking so great!

"DJ DeltaDawn" Mac gets up close and personal with IRTEs Nannette, Alex, Jeff and Stacy, talking comedy, choking at Shakespeare auditions and mutant improv.

Episode 583 – “Nah”

Today, we talk with Steve Tardio and Mike Hauschild of IRTE Improv about IRTE’s first show of their season “What’s New Groovy Gang?” We talk with two of the members new the IRTE gang, find out more about the upcoming show, the pluses and minuses of playing with new teammates versus being with the same players for a while, and more!

Episode 515 – “It’s Always Been About the Conversation…”

Our good, good friend Marc Adam Smith is back on the podcast to talk about the ins and outs of the new improv show he is directing Avoidance: The Game Show for Introverts!

The show, performed by IRTE Improv, will be May 19 & 20 and May 26 & 27 at the Producers Club in NYC. For tickets and more information, go to!


Episode 452 – IRTE Improv (Nannette Deasy & Curt Dixon)

We talk today with friends of the show Nannette Deasy and Curt Dixon of IRTE Improv as they end their season this weekend and next weekend with the show Last Resort. For more information on their performances June 10, 11, 17 & 18, learn more at! Check out their shows!


EPISODE 330 - IRTE Improv

IRTE Improv is back and better than ever, and they join Dennis to share their excitement for their upcoming 2015 season back at the Producers Club. From discussing the process of which shows make each season, to Dennis pitching about a dozen ideas, to supremely random facts including how the Toronto Raptors got their name, this is another wonderful episode with the IRTE crew.


Episode 240 – IRTE Improv: The Magic Zoo

Dennis is thrilled to be joined again by some of his IRTE Improv friends Marcia Sofley, Nannette Deasy & Evie Aronson to chat about their current July production IRTE: The Magic Zoo! Check out upcoming performances on July 20th & 27th at The Producers Club in Manhattan at 8:00pm!

EPISODE 229 - Marcia Sofley

IRTE Ensemble Member Marcia Sofley chats with Dennis about her love of all different types of performance! 


EPISODE 202 - IRTE Improv

Nannette Deasy, Robert Baumgardner, and Jamie Maloney of IRTE Improv join Dennis to discuss their upcoming 2014 season of improv shows! We chat about Stephen King, the Magic Garden and all things BLONDE AND EXTRAORDINARY!!


EPISODE 86 - IRTE Improv

Dennis Holden  talks with IRTE's very own Nannette Deasy, Jeff O'Leary, and Danielle Montezinos about improv, IRTE's own unique take on the genre and talking alligators. They even performed some radio improv as their "The Groovy Gang Adventures" characters, and played a game with Dennis!

IRTE's Nannette Deasy sits down with KL Thomas of Sketch Block to talk about theater, sketch and the challenges of producing improv in New York

Click here for IRTE's appearance on Rat Dog Radio with Hector Luis

IRTE's Nannette Deasy chats online with Peter Crysdale of Comedy Tawks

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