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Nannette Deasy, Artistic Director

Nannette Deasy, AEA, is the Founder and Artistic Director of IRTE. She has performed at the The PIT, UCB, Chicago City Limits, Gotham City Improv, Gotham Comedy Club, the Public Theatre, LaMama Etc., Ensemble Studio Theatre, New York Theatre Workshop, theatre festivals all around the country and the Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan, Italy. She also performs as one half of the comedy duo Double-D (with former IRTE Graceann Dorse).


Robert Baumgardner, Executive Director

Robert received a degree in acting/directing from UNC - Greensboro, and studied comedy improv at the PIT and Gotham City Improv. He not only performs with IRTE (founding member) but has directed several of their shows. He has appeared at improv festivals in NYC, Philadelphia, Tampa, Portland, and New Orleans, and has performed scripted work around the world including the McCarter Theater, Indiana Rep, and Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan, Italy. He is also a member of the famed Actors Studio.


Bill Berg, Head of Fundraising

Bill is thrilled to play with this wonderful group of fellow improvisers. Bill began improvising around the time he was born and has been exploring the various expressions and nuances of this form ever since. In New York and L.A. he’s had the joy and privilege to play with many great performers and improvisers from IRTE, Gotham City Improv, Violin Spolin and Gary Austin workshops, and more. He is continually inspired by his fellow performers and is excited to discover what will happen next.

Curt Dixon, Multimedia Director

Curt first began doing improv with The Groundlings in Los Angeles. He now lives in New York where he has been doing improv for more than 10 years. He has performed with Gotham City Improv, The Red Tie Mafia and is a founding member of IRTE. He produced and directed the hit show Match Wits and has acted in several plays. He's written and produced short films and is always looking for new and creative outlets for his craft. He also enjoys beer.

Jamie Maloney, Education Director

Jamie Maloney has been a comedy performer for the past 22 years, including 18 as an improviser. He appeared in virtually every show at Gotham City Improv from 2005 to 20011 and is a founding member of IRTE, The Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble. He has been a teacher, a coach, and has conceptualized and developed many original shows and characters which have been showcased at venues in New York and Philadelphia. He has more comic books than he cares to admit.

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